Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis

The Big W ?

The Data App (TDA) estimate activity posted its second consecutive monthly decline in May. Following on from a 2.1% decline in April, TDA’s monthly activity indicator (MAI) fell a, more modest, 0.3% in May. So, for the first time, the annual growth in the MAI moved into negative territory.

Record Fall in Australian Activity in April

TDA’s monthly activity indicator (MAI) estimates activity collapsed by a record rate in April. Following the largest ever increase posted by the MAI in March, a decline of over twice this magnitude was posted in April. Needless to say, the fall in April eclipsed anything recorded previously and suggests that, after holding up well in the first quarter of the year, the economy nose-dived shortly thereafter.

TDA Monthly Activity Indicator (MAI) for March 2020

With no official monthly measure of Australian activity available, The Data App (TDA), a member of the PAR Group, has developed a Monthly Activity Indicator (MAI) to provide a timely measure of Australian economic activity. TDA estimate activity increased at a record rate in March, suggesting that since the start of the year the economy has held up well and that any downturn lays in the months ahead.

Shopping Centres on Life Support

The Data App (TDA), a member of the Par Group, has released its shopping centre transactional insights for the March quarter 2020. Commercial retail transactions fell away through the March quarter. According to TDA estimates, both the value and volume of shopping centres transacted in the March quarter 2020 was the lowest for three years.