Property Advisory & Research

The Partnership

Real Investment Analytics (RIA),  The Data App (TDA) and Y Research are partners in PAR Group, an independent research collective offering a comprehensive range of property research and analytical services. The team is experienced in economics, property research, transactional and corporate strategy; all with extensive industry involvement in both the property and finance sectors.

Our Products

The analytical tools offer a range of customised market reports across both traditional and alternative property sectors. These reports are supported by an extensive proprietary property databank containing broad descriptive and performance measures for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The analytical service is to support investment strategy, capital-raisings, portfolio risk assessment and portfolio construction.

The Retail and Demographic Profiler ( provides a way to undertake detailed demographic analysis of any catchment area in Australia. Based on an exclusive retail database, catchment areas for Australia’s shopping centres have been devised, along with a ranking system of their trading power. The software is aimed at supporting a wide range of development and portfolio management decisions for retail, as well as other consumer-focused property investments.

Y Research has developed proprietary databases and grading systems, through the physical inspection of over 25,000 property assets. Y Research produces a series of regular reports on Western Australia’s commercial property markets, as well as providing consultancy and advisory services to a range of clients.

The Partners

The Services

The Data App (TDA) is a property technology (PropTech) and consultancy service, established to make access to data and market insights easier for Companies, SMEs, Institutional Investors, Education, Government, Retailers and researchers alike.

Real Investment Analytics Pty Ltd (RIA) was founded in January 2017 by Anthony De Francesco. The business is based in Sydney.

The RIA business focuses on providing both information and analytical products to mainly service investors and fund managers with a focus on real asset investment markets.

Y Research is an independent  property information and research firm, with a wealth of experience across the West Australian office, retail, industrial, apartment, medical and tourism markets. 


  • portfolio performance reporting dashboards
  • portfolio investment evaluation
  • portfolio risk analysis
  • asset allocation modelling
  • space market analysis
  • economic analysis and commentary
  • geographic information system (GIS) mapping and analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • economic impact studies
  • asset acquisition advice
  • demographic assessments
  • shopping centre e-commerce exposure risk appraisal
  • customised financial tools and models
  • bespoke research

We welcome any opportunity to discuss your property research and consultancy needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us either via one of our contacts below or from our Contact Page:

Anthony De Francesco
Managing Director, RIA:
Ph: +61 438 506 284

Rob Ellis
Director, TDA:
Ph: +61 417 195 352

Damian Stone
Principal and Chief Problem Solver, Y Research:
Ph: +61 433 525 414